Senator Monty Mason Gets it Done

A proud husband and father, a dedicated public servant, and a determined advocate for students, seniors, and veterans. Monty’s priorities are his constituents’ priorities, and his track record of effective governing speaks for itself.

Investing in Education

As a father of two daughters in local public schools, Monty knows the importance of a good education. That’s why he’s been a leading advocate for teacher pay raises, fought for additional funding for our public schools, and secured increased investments into early childhood education programs.

Cutting Costs for Families

Monty understands that Virginia families are still feeling stretched, and our advocate in the legislature, he’s been fighting to put money back in the pockets of our workers and families. That’s why he voted to cut the grocery tax, lower income taxes, and give families a rebate to deal with inflation and higher cost of living.

Monty supports veterans and the military

Supporting Veterans

Monty has worked tirelessly for veterans and serves in the Military and Veterans Caucus. He voted to give military veterans a break on their income taxes, and successfully passed legislation to expand employment protections for members of the National Guard. He fought for millions in state tuition assistance for National Guard Members, and he continues to support the Virginia Values Veterans program that connects veterans with jobs. That’s why he’s been endorsed by the Virginia Democrats Veterans & Military Families Caucus.

Protecting Reproductive Rights

Monty believes a woman’s right to an abortion is a fundamental right, and that a woman should be able to make her own healthcare decisions. He has vowed to stand in firm defense of those rights and not allow anti-choice legislators to change Virginia’s law to take them away—that’s why he’s endorsed by Planned Parenthood Virginia, REPRO Rising VA, NARAL Pro-Choice America, Roe Your Vote VA, and is recognized as a reproductive rights champion.

Monty supports reproductive rights

Improving Public Safety

Monty is committed to making our communities safer. That’s why he’s worked to make sure dangerous criminals stay behind bars, get the police the resources they need, and invest in making our schools safer. Monty fully supports all of our social services and will create pathways for those in the criminal justice system to get the services they need. He knows that prevention is the first step to public safety.

Fighting for Commonsense Gun Reform

Monty has worked tirelessly to advocate for stronger gun safety measures that keep schools free from gun violence, including background checks on all gun sales, an assault weapons ban, and stronger gun storage laws. He even introduced a $1.5 million budget amendment to help secure several classrooms at Richneck Elementary School following the tragic school shooting earlier this year.

Monty supports public safety

Protecting Our Environment

Monty is a champion for environmental protections in the Commonwealth. He was critical in bringing the offshore wind industry to the Commonwealth through the Clean Economy Act, and has worked closely with partners across Virginia and the East Coast to help conserve our coasts and ocean life, and even hosts an annual creek clean-up.

Expanding Healthcare Access

Monty knows that everyone deserves access to the medical care they need when they need it, and he’s been on the forefront of expanding healthcare accessibility and affordability in the Commonwealth. Monty worked across the aisle to write a new bi-partisan law to lower the cost of health coverage for small businesses in Virginia, and expanded access to affordable care for hundreds of thousands of Virginians.

Fighting for Working Families

Monty has always been a champion for our working families. That’s why he fought for critical legislation to lower the cost of child care by establishing a statewide paid family and medical leave programs, and secured additional investments into early childhood education programs. Monty also fought to pass the Kinship Foster Care Act and brought the Family First Prevention Services Act to Virginia, which together aim to keep children out of the foster care system and in safe homes with family members.

Improving Infrastructure & Transportation

Monty has been a champion for infrastructure and transportation improvements across the Peninsula. Monty led the fight to expand I-64 and the Hampton Roads Bridge Tunnel, and has been a staunch supporter of various other infrastructure projects like developing new bus lanes and increasing train service to Newport News.

Creating High-Quality Jobs

As the former Chairman of the Williamsburg Economic Development Authority, Monty spent years helping expand local small businesses. And as the Virginia Chamber’s Legislator of the Year in 2020, Monty knows how important good jobs are and how to attract them. He voted to invest millions in improving the readiness of Virginians to fill vacant jobs in fields like shipbuilding and cybersecurity right here in our area.