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The widening of I-64 has been transformational for the people of the Peninsula. I am thrilled to see this much needed transportation improvement project continue this fall!

It was an honor to have @GabbyGiffords in the Peninsula today as we rally for gun safety reform. I’m ready to take this fight back to Richmond and deliver common sense solutions for the people of SD-24. Thank you to all those who came out!

Today I am sending a letter to @BobbyScott and @RobWittman urging them to do everything in their power to avoid the pending government shutdown. Our region will face the most harmful consequences of this needless shutdown.

I ask they do all that they can to prevent it.

With so much on the line this November, it’s more important than ever that we re-elect leaders who will fight to protect reproductive freedom. My opponent wants to ban abortion and strip women of their rights – but I won’t back down from fighting to protect them

Thank you to the @FamFriendlyEcon for supporting my re-election campaign! I am proud to be a champion for a family friendly economy and will continue to advance the agenda of our working families

Today is the first day of early voting in VA! Learn more about how, when, and where to cast your ballot at

Proud to share my re-elect campaign has earned the endorsement of @ctphealthcare! Everyone deserves access to high quality, affordable healthcare and I am proud to have been on the forefront of expanding healthcare accessibility in the Commonwealth

Thank you to the VA Professional Fire Fighters for supporting my re-election campaign! Together, we will ensure the safety and success of all workers and families across SD-24

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